The Broomhill Festival was started in 1975 by a group of Architecture students who had carried out a project on Broomhill as part of their course. It ran for just 6 days, from 23rd – 29th May. Many of the events remained in the  programme for the next 40 years, such as the Garden Party, Art Exhibitions and a wide range of music events. Some of the events from the 1970’s which didn’t manage to survive the test of time were the Croquet Tournament, the Dog Show, Punch & Judy and the Most Beautiful Person Competition!

The Festival celebrated community and was held every June, bringing Broomhill together, raising money for local charities.  Records show that since 1996 the Festival supported 80 charities and has given away over £200,000. This enormous effort put in by what amounts to an army of volunteers each year has raised in excess of £210,000 and made it possible to sustain and grow the Festival. However, after the 2016 Festival the committee decided that it was no longer practical to run it in its existing format and it was in danger of disappearing.

In 2017 a new committee formed and since then the Festival has run in a different way. Local groups now organise events to raise money either for themselves (eg Buzz Sheffield– work with young people in Broomhall, Broomhill Community Library raising money for the Broomhill Community Trust to improve the library facilities), or for their own nominated charities. The new strapline says it all – by the community, for the community.